Architecture in Split 1945-1960

“Architecture in Split 1945-1960” (language: Croatian)
Marina Majić
Publisher: Društvo arhitekata Split, 2011

“This book puts into perspective the first fifteen years of reconstruction and restoration in postwar Split. During these years the priority was to heal all the wounds caused by war destruction and to build new flats for the inhabitants of the already rapidly growing town of Split. This book by Marina Majic describes part of the atmosphere of Split’s developing urbanism. As an art historian and a young person, we could say miles away from that age, she brings forth a survey of architecture built during those years. She values, by her own accord the most important examples of modern architecture in Split, and so she opens the long awaited process of valorization and protection of Split’s modern architecture. This fact makes this book even more important, and we wish it a complete success. ”

Ivo Vojnović, architect