Maja Mijač Majić


Maja Mijač Majić is former architecture student and the author of  one of a kind murano jewelry exhibited in the Studio Naranča gallery. She participated in many solo and group exhibitions.

The jewelry created by Maja Mijač Majić is on permanent display in Studio Naranča gallery.

“Maja creates her beautiful, contemporary and sophisticated jewelry from shells, murano glass and other materials connected with the Mediterranean. Maja’s jewelry is modern and one of a kind, and at the same time recognizable and traditional. The author works together with a small venetian family owned glass workshop, where she decides herself on the shapes and colours of the glass from which she creates her pieces.  The jewelry Maja makes is not trendy and you do not throw it after one season, but you keep it as everything else that is beautiful and valuable. Surely every home on our coast has a piece left from their grandmothers made of noble and precious murano glass. In the same manner Maja’s jewelry will stay for the generations to keep, and it will not loose anything of its beauty and value. So if  you receive a piece of jewelry signed MMM be sure that you were gifted something dear and put it away in your jewelry box for the ones who will wear it with joy in the future.”